Are you thinking of finding a new hair stylist?

Have you or your old stylist recently moved?

Are you in need of change with your hair or current salon?

Are you looking for a salon closer to home?

Just the thought of trusting a new person with your most important accessory is enough to give anyone anxiety! Don’t worry though, that is completely normal!

In fact, 68% of women have anxiety before even walking into a new hair salon!

With over 14 years of experience in the beauty and hair industry, I am going to share the 3 most important things to look for when visiting a new hair stylist

  1. Do research and find the top salons in your area. This has become relatively simple over the past few years with social media and the internet. With minimal time and effort, you can use platforms like Facebook, google, Instagram, yelp, and YouTube to search for salons and stylists. You may even be able to find people on social media who share the work their stylist did for them! If you can find real photos and galleries of stylist works and photos of local salons, you will be on the right track to find the stylist you deserve!
  2. Visit Salon in Person. Once you choose the prospective salon, visit it to make the apt. By stopping in personally you will be able to get a much better feel about the character of the staff and pride in which they take in their salon. Make note of how you are greeted.

Are you greeted with a smile and a hand shake?

Did they open the door for you? Is it clean?

Are the stylists busy or sitting around?

Is the phone ringing?

These little clues will allow you to analyze and then decide whether you want to schedule an appointment or run for the hills!

  1. The Consultation! Your consultation with your new stylist is the key to your happiness!

This should be no shorter than 7 minutes! A confident stylist will face you and use eye contact. Every hair stylist that I train maintains eye contact and listens intently to their client. Speaking to clients through a mirror is lazy and absolutely unacceptable! Your consultation should be centered around you and your dream hair vision, not a bragging opportunity or a presentation of what the stylists wants to do to your hair. Questions should be asked about your budget with full price disclosure, realistic expectations for that day as well as with your future appointments. A Strong stylists will also want to inquire about your hair needs as far as how you wear your hair normally at home or work, or how much time you usually have to get ready in the morning, etc. Once all these questions are asked and answered, you can expect a new style that you will not only LOVE, but that will fit your budget and lifestyle!

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