Tis’ the season to FALL in LOVE with your hair! When I think of Rose Gold I think of a Pink clouded dessert with a warm sunset glow. All the celebs are going crazy over the newest color trend, ROSE GOLD! Emma Roberts, Blake Lively and Kate Hudson are just a few rocking the Rose Gold look.

As the summer is slowing coming to an end, Rose gold is flowing right into Fall, totally the trend for 2016, heading right into 2017and still rocking!

If you are thinking of going Rose Gold this season, make sure you do your research and find the right stylist! (look for a blog on how to find a good stylist/salon in our blog section of the website)

A good stylist will tell you that your Rose Gold shade should be determined by your Skin tone.

If your more on the fair side, a warmer sunny hue will enhance your features BEST.

If you have more of an olive complexion, play it up! You have lots of different options going for a more bubblegum pink or rocking it out with hues of red and gold!

No matter blonde or brunette, there’s a Rose gold for everyone!

Once you get that FAB new look you were going for, there are a few tips you need to know that make your new hue LAST through the season!

Caring for your Rose Gold hair color is the most important factor for long lasting results!

Using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner will keep the longevity of your new look! If you pre-lightened your hair, it can be very porous! This will release the color quicker! So to avoid color loss use a quality deep conditioner once a week.

Using a cooler (luke warm) rinse will help keep your tone nice and bright. This will close the cuticle of your hair and allow your rose to last!

When styling your new look, I’d recommend using a thermal protector before hot styling.

Keeping a low temperature will keep the integrity of your hair and your color will last that much longer. Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair!

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to hop on the latest trend in hair color and provide some simple things to do to ensure you get the MOST out of your New and Awesome Hair Color!


Cheyenne Peltier

Hair Stylist

Boulevard Hair Boutique

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