Eyebrows have always been a part of the beauty scene, but as you may have noticed they are really gaining ground in the recent trends in the industry. From soft angled brows to the bold and bushy, finding the right brow for your face shape can be difficult. It’s no secret that brows shape our face, but with new trends and styles, they can make a HUGE difference cosmetically!
Finding the perfect brow starts with figuring out our face shapes.
For example, if you have a rounder face shape your goal would be to make your face appear longer. The perfect brow for this face shape would be a high arched brow, avoid rounded arches.
For long face shapes you would want to go for a softer arch, something a little less bold to make the face appear shorter.
A square face shape requires a curved brow shape, depending on how sharp the jawline is our goal is to soften and balance.
Depending on how prominent the forehead is for a heart shaped face you would most likely go for a low arch and a more voluminous brow to soften and balance the face.
For diamond shaped faces our goal is to soften the whole face, we want to avoid the brow bone and forehead  from looking any wider. To reduce the widest part of the face soften the brow with a simple curved shape.
We may not all be blessed with fabulous brows from birth, however with a little TLC and the right shaping skills we can ALL achieve the perfect brow!
Author: Laura VanderMeulen
Hair Stylist / Color Specialist / Brow and Makeup Artist
Boulevard Hair Boutique
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