welcome to boulevard hair boutique

welcome to boulevard hair boutique

Salon professionals worldwide are choosing hair extensions to enhance natural looks and customers couldn’t be happier! What used to be a lengthy, expensive, and damaging hair treatment, is now a thing of the past. Ultra-thin adhesive extensions add volume, length, and color in minutes without harmful tools, heat, or chemicals! Whenever our customers start to explore hair extensions, many questions come up and we hope to answer most of them today.

Q- “Am I a good candidate for hair extensions?”

A-      With the advancements of technology in the hair extension industry, almost everyone is a candidate for hair extensions. Extensions are ideal for clients with fine and thinning hair. Or maybe you regret that bob this past spring and would like your hair to be longer for the holidays!! Also, extensions work as a thermal protectant by adding a barrier around your hair. So if your long term goal is healthier, thicker, low maintenance hair then extensions may be IT for YOU!

Q- “How long will my extensions last?”

A- The best part about professional extensions is that the hair is reusable! Your initial purchase may be a little expensive, however if you take care of your extensions they will last you 8 months or longer. Your extensions will grow out with your hair and should be removed every 6-8 weeks. When properly removed you can re-tape your extensions up to three times. However, it is imperative that you use the shampoo recommended by your stylist so that you can maintain the health of the hair and also the ultra-thin adhesive to reduce shedding.

Q- “Will anyone notice my extensions, and how do I care for them?“

A- Do you want them to? Depending on the desired length and thickness this newest method is seamless when applied right! Your stylist will also take into consideration how you style and manage your hair on a daily basis to custom apply the extensions to best suit your needs. The ultra-thin adhesive lays extremely close to the scalp making the daily maintenance of “covering it up”, a piece of cake! You can brush over them with your wet brush, shampoo and condition, blow-dry and heat style, but my favorite is air dried for the, to die for “lived in look” that we see trending everywhere!!! And again it is imperative to use the shampoo and conditioner recommended in order to keep the extensions from shedding and tangling.

Q- “How will the extensions match my hair color?”

A-      There are now endless color options in order to get the most accurate match!! We custom order for every individual client, not only color but also texture. Many bundles include a highlight and lowlight combination. Whether you want to match your hair color exactly or use extensions as a highlight or accent so that you don’t have to bleach your hair there is an option that will work for you!

Q- “I found a great deal on extensions online, will you put them in for me?”

A-      It’s extremely important for us to stand behind our work 100%. There are thousands of brands out there but with all of our experience, we have found the highest quality extensions that will last our clients the longest amount of time. They will not shed, the hair will be easy to manage on a daily basis, and they will not fall apart which will allow reapplication. We cannot guarantee these type of results from unknown companies as many extension companies do not take the care and pride in their product as is needed for these results.

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